25 July, 2010


Despite being a significant consumer of lolcat photos, I had never had a good opportunity to take cat photos myself. Recently, such a chance presented itself and I started shooting.

At the house of a friend's friend, there are three cats: one older cat and two new kittens. When I was there, the three were still having periodic scuffles to establish a pecking order. Above, the older one sits in its customary lounge corner, ready to close its eyes near the end of the night.
The old cat and the adventurous youngster make eye-contact after the kitten climbed my friend's recently-deposited backpack. This white kitten was the most energetic of the three, constantly jumping on whatever it could, climbing when it couldn't jump, investigating the unfamiliar people in the meantime, and keeping a close watch on the bird toy all the while.

It also knew how to put its claws to good use, as one person discovered. He was holding the bird toy, and the kitten tried to climb his jeans to fetch it back. Ouch…
Kitten number two had brown and black patches. The older cat quarreled incessantly with it when their paths happened to cross. Most of the time, though, this kitten could be found under this blue-and-white chair skirt, peeking out and grabbing at the bird toy when it came near. The older cat would occasionally pad around the chair, growling or hissing, but it never tried to go under as far as I could tell.
This is my friend, a traveler beset by kittens. Cool cat that he is though, he fit right in. As for the kittens, they played with each other frequently, and would sometimes follow each other on excursions behind the couch and across people's laps. Every once in awhile, they'd have a quick game of tail-nibble. And at the end of the night, they shared a trip in a kitten carrier.

'Tis all for now. Until next time, "worship the kittens! be curious!" —manveru


Anonymous said...

It always seems to me that cats intentionally un-pose themselves (or yawn or make funny faces at the camera), so I'm impressed you got such great cat pictures!

Doppler Photo said...

Thanks, Anonymous

As far as I could tell, the key is to keep watching, especially if the cats have other people or other cats to interact with. It's just like taking photos of people who are camera-shy — wait until they stop paying attention to you; they eventually will.

Ana said...

To be honest, in this particular post, it was almost like the text detracted from the pictures. I skimmed right through and squealed "OMGKITTY!" at every photo. Loved it.


Erika Dauber said...

Omari - you captured the babies!! They look awesome. Evie's little face on her bed is amazing. I will share this with everyone!

Doppler Photo said...

Ana: thanks. I suppose the text is for people who aren't susceptible to xkcd's cat proximity hypothesis :o)

Erika: Thanks, glad you enjoyed them. They're definitely very cute cats