30 October, 2010

PAW: Autumn Harvest

While walking back to my building, I looked up and spotted these persimmons on a tree next to the path. I aimed upward and took a couple quick shots.

As winter approaches and the leaves start to wither and fall again, I'm reminded of this line from someone called levelbest:
"It is not my job to create beauty. It is my job to witness it, to frame it, and tell the story of it. Even in tragedy there is a glimpse of humanity, just as at night there is a promise of the dawn."

22 October, 2010

PAW: I reach into the sky…

The cloud formations in the moonlit sky this evening were stunning. When I first looked outside today, I was greeted by a glaring white haze that stretched from the ground all the way up to the sky; it's amazing how that haze gave way to such a striking distinction between the earth and the heavens.

Unfortunately, looking at the photo is nothing like having that cloudy expanse stretch above you in every direction, but hopefully it offers a microcosm of what it was like.

The title comes from a poem which was featured in a fantastic retrospective on the Honda NSX.

14 October, 2010

PAW: O Canada!

I visited Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada recently and got this shot of a leaf as it sat atop a bus stop in the evening rain. The leaf is backlit by an arc-lamp in the night.

03 October, 2010

PAW: A Spring That's Passed

Found this one at random and figured I'd put it up. Shot on May 20th of this year, it provides an interesting contrast now that the leaves are starting to turn.

Now go read "Nothing Gold Can Stay"