27 April, 2011

2011 Fire Dancing Expo

More photos are up. Click the image above or click here to see them.

24 April, 2011

PAW: The Calm

John Routson lights his fire poi at the start of a performance dedicated to his late fire-dancing teacher, Dan "Burning Dan" Gordon-Levitt. Routson and a multitude of other fire dancers performed at San Francisco's Union Square for the sixth annual Fire Dancing Expo on April 23, 2011.

13 April, 2011

Sears Pointless

FINALLY! Click on one of the images (above or below) to get to the rest of the photos.

02 April, 2011


Here's one for the caption-haters. I was in San Jose today and took some photos of people. Here are some of them, in chronological order.