28 November, 2016

…And then you drop things in it (Timber! part 3)

At last! The first part in this series described how to navigate and use tools in and around a tree. The second covered how to build a bed of branches — itself a kind of specialized tool for catching large tree sections. What's next?

03 November, 2016

Embrace the Rain

The sun shone as we found our way to the Treasure Island Music Festival shuttle buses, but dark clouds loomed in the distance. Soon enough, sun would give way to rain.

As we walked, I explained my perspective on biking in the rain — after a long enough ride, you end up wet regardless. Either with sweat, if you don a fully waterproof outfit, or with rain, if you don't. So eventually, it makes sense to focus on staying comfortable rather than staying dry. And it's a small mental switch, but once it happens, you feel like you can embrace the rain, instead of just hiding from it.

It's surprising how much your perception can change when you see something from a different perspective…