Lazy Post

It's a lazy weekend (for some definitions of lazy), so here are some things I like.

I like cooking, and I especially like prep work that involves cutting things :o)  I accidentally ended up at a friend's dinner party, so when an opportunity came to quarter some peaches, I jumped on it.  L is the mischief in me, so I tried to arrange them somewhat.  They were delicious.  So sweet, and so cold.

I also like cars.  Old, new, fancy, cheap, whatever; it doesn't matter too much.  When I was in Half Moon Bay recently (the same evening that I shot "Classic" and "Overwhelmed"), I spotted this old Mercedes 300, clearly a distant ancestor of their built-like-a-tank 300D diesel cars (W123).  As best I can tell, it appears that this is a 300c (W186 IV) — one of Mercedes' earliest-gen 300-series cars — and was built between 1955 and 1957.  Nifty.



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