Lo! I am the destroyer of shift linkages!

During the Thunderhill LeMons race a few months ago, I was at the helm of our most cherished Saab Story when, lo, did the shift linkage break, leaving me stuck in 4th gear.  After barely making it over the T5 eagle's nest, I taxied it back to the pits, where we discovered that a bolt had backed itself out and was nowhere to be found.  Quick fix and we were on our way again.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered yesterday that my Cayman knew the same trick!  I was in 3rd on a highway onramp, went for the 3rd->4th upshift and… wait, why am I still in 3rd gear?  I drove to my destination, survived two red stop lights, and managed to find a parking area with lots of space.

It was kind of nifty that the tow truck had a matching paint job, though…



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