Conage Happens

This past weekend, the GGCBMWCCA held their second Test-and-Tune/Autocross double-header.  For Saturday's Test-and-Tune, they set up a number of courses — an out-and-back slalom, a skidpad, a figure-8, and a small autocross track — for people to iteratively improve their car setups.

Shaikh, Founder and CEO of Fat Cat Motorsports, writes down some tire temperature measurements.

"I'll just be over here if you need me…"

Sunday morning, the Autocross drivers assembled at 9:00 for the drivers' meeting.  9:00 was apparently a bit early for some folks.

Lounging was the order of the day.  The sun was beating down through the cloudless sky, and many of the participants tried to find or make shade while they weren't driving or working.

A team from Los Altos High School brought some American muscle.  The driver gave it the ol' college try, but the weight of this car made it difficult to both go quickly and turn.  It looked like an oceanliner in the slalom.

That didn't keep them from having fun, though.  The Los Altos team included a number of students and a teacher.  During a pause in the action, the "Topless" BMW started playing some tunes and the teacher danced along.

And that was that.  More Test-and-Tune photos can be found here, and more Autocross photos are here.



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