Moving Made Easier

Is your time worth anything?  No?  Good, ours isn't either.

So we were going to pick up this mostly-stripped Miata shell from 60 miles away in Tracy, CA.  Because racecar, y'know?  But when we finally got the rented trailer to the car, it was clear that we had missed a minor important detail.  The car fit outside the trailer (obviously).  The shell fit inside the trailer (just barely).  But the car didn't fit through the entrance to the trailer.  Whoops...

So, this is when the sunk cost fallacy kicked in.  Sometimes when you make your bed, you gotta sleep in it, y'know?  We had a shell, we had a trailer, we had a some folks with more brawn and ingenuity than survival instinct, and we happened to have an engine hoist that could pick up the entire front of the chassis.  Removal is the reverse of installation, right?  Well, not quite, but we eventually got the thing back out.



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