SF Symphony in the Park

The SF Symphony played a free concert at Dolores Park on Sunday, 19 July.  It was packed.  I was far enough from the stage that I couldn't get any good photos of the musicians.  So I kept my eyes open for things going on closer by.  I really like how this frame turned out — children are so curious and so expressive.

The sun was out in full force, and much to my delight, people brought all sorts of interesting hats to compensate.  The glasses of the young guy on the left had a really nice tint that you can't really see at this scale.

This guy had a cool hat and a tiny dog.  Of course, it seems like every time I spot what must be the "tiniest dog ever," someone else ups the ante.  Flight of the Conchords' "The Issues (Think About It)" is very appropriate. "Every child asks questions.  I'm still just a child."  —Steven Hawking



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