A while back, my focus area had our holiday party at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum.  Early in the evening, there was a lion dance performance.  Each dragon was controlled by a pair of people, one at the front, the other at the rear.  Above, the front person sits on the head of the rear person while controlling the dragon's head.

Afterward, I went up into the galleries.  I found the lighting of some of the pieces striking.  Here, the diffused, gray shadow offers an interesting counterpoint to the bright, intricate details of the piece itself.

A coworker glances up at an urn after reading the description.

This was another work where the lighting really adds to the presentation.  It looks like it has wings.

After sifting through the galleries, I spent the rest of the evening standing in the caricature line with some friends.  The artist was drawing on a tablet which was connected to an HDTV, which allowed the people standing in line to watch as the drawing developed.

Here's the setup from a different angle.  The people waiting seemed to enjoy comparing the caricature to the actual appearance of the subject.



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