Vegas: family

Given the reputation that Vegas has attained as a furtive playground for lascivious party animals, I was somewhat surprised at the number of families who were also there.

Many of the ones I noticed were in or around the Bellagio hotel.  This bride and groom, trailed by their photographer, were walking around and clearly trying to find picturesque backdrops for wedding photos.  I ran into them a couple different times.  Above, they walk out of the Bellagio lobby and into the heat of the midday sun.

When I spotted this pair, the child was kneeling on the ground in the middle of the Bellagio lobby, oblivious to passersby, and was writing something on a sheet of paper as the woman watched over.

This is a moving walkway, near where I spotted the father/son silhouette from a few days ago.  The people were headed away from the Bellagio as I was being whisked toward it.

This boy was fast asleep as his mom waited for a bus to ferry them along the strip.



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