Vegas: Bouchon Bistro

During a recent trip to Las Vegas, I and the folks I visited with had dinner at Bouchon Bistro, a French-style restaurant.  Owner Thomas Keller writes an interesting description: "A Bouchon can be, and should be, whatever you need it to be.  It's a casual place, a social place, a place where people come to relax talk and to eat.  A kind of home."

The restaurant served us rolls that were somewhat reminiscent of a prickly pear cactus, in how each successive roll seemed to grow from the top of the prior one.  They were warm and delicious.

One of the other people ordered a steak, but the thing that struck me most about the plate was the non-serrated steak knife.

Given that it was a French-style restaurant, I ended up ordering a croque madame, one of a variety of foods I had learned about years ago while I was learning French.  It was surprisingly filling, given the size, and I didn't come anywhere close to finishing the mountain of pommes frites.



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