Vegas: so long, for now

Well, that's it for Vegas, and that's it for my little experiment.  We arrived Thursday morning, had a great time, and finally got home Friday night after a long delay.  As for the experiment, I'll probably try to keep posting a few times a week, but definitely won't aim for daily posts.

Here's a quick linked index to the Vegas posts:

  1. Prologue: PAW: Ripple
  2. Vegas: an experiment
  3. Vegas: some people
  4. Vegas: some more people
  5. Vegas: silhouettes
  6. Vegas: Bouchon Bistro
  7. Vegas: family
  8. Vegas: service
  9. Vegas: smoke
  10. Vegas: architecture
  11. Vegas: O, Cirque de Soleil!
  12. Epilogue: Vegas: so long, for now


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