Sometimes I surprise myself with how good I am at some things.  One thing I am good at is panning.  The image above is one of my favorite panned shots, of Nate taking his first "dive" off of a 3-meter platform.  Exposure was 1/80s at f/4.5 and ISO800.  (For folks who care, this was 60mm on a DX body, so 90mm 35mm-equivalent).  Oddly enough, another of my favorite panned shots is of another Nate in mid-vault.  I'll undoubtedly have that here at some point.

Anyway, the actual subject of this post deals with the title, which is (without the exclamation point) the title of a side project I've been hacking on tonight, instead of packing for my trip to MIT in 4 hours.

My favorite programming language, ruby, is extremely good for writing domain-specific languages.  That said, a pair of quotes from #ruby-lang on explains all.  The first is from two or three weeks ago: < xsdg> philomory: talking about ruby or lolcode? :o) < philomory> Rubylolz < philomory> I.CAN_HAZ(CheezeBurger) < philomory> excuse me, I.CAN_HAZ?(CheezeBurger) < xsdg> haha < xsdg> oh, god.  I have a horrible idea, but ruby is way too good for DSLs to just ignore it... < ddfreyne> NO!
And the second, about an hour ago: < xsdg> $ruby -rofl -e ' < xsdg> > HAI < xsdg> > CAN HAS STDIO? < xsdg> > VISIBLE "HAI WORLD!" < xsdg> > KTHXBYE' < xsdg> HAI WORLD! < erikh> heh, you're writing a lolcode parser? < erikh> niiice. < xsdg> erikh: not a parser < xsdg> erikh: that LOLCode is _valid ruby_ < erikh> oh god.



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