Trying to see the light

I was out shooting tonight, and got this.  It's still a work in progress, but it's definitely a good start.  (Note that if you're viewing this with a light background, you probably can't see most of the stars)

I'll be entering the Zenfolio Featured Images contest soon (deadline is in a week), and the theme is "All About Light."  "We are looking for images that are striking because of their use of light… We will accept a lot of flexibility in the subject but the light must 'make the shot'."

In addition to digging a few years back for appropriate photos, I've also been trying to take new ones that would work, such as the shot above.  If the moon comes back before the deadline, I think I'll have something.

Until then, though, feel free to browse my brainstorming gallery, which has potential submissions alongside placeholder images and photos to jog my memory.  In particular, if you want to see some of my older photos, now's your chance.  See if you can spot the gecko.

"If I had a miniature elephant, would it be a picoderm?" —Suki Dorfman



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