Readers Who Care: Are you out there?

These thoughts have been swimming around in my head for a while, now, but given that I've been spending time on other things, and am now considering how much time I want to continue to spend on the blog, it seemed high time for some soul-searching.

On the one hand, I really enjoy it.  Writing a blog gives me a chance to reflect on things I've shot and on moments I've captured.  I've realized a number of things about the world by virtue of those reflections that I might have missed otherwise, and that's something I value.

On the other hand, it takes a ton of time.  Hours to go through the photos just to see what I shot, more hours to pick out a couple photos to hopefully serve as milestones for a coherent story, and then hours beyond that to weave the photos together with words.  And much like any other storyteller, I like it when people listen.  I like it when people appreciate the time and effort I put in.

Over the past couple months, the extent of that appreciation has been called into question.  When I asked people for their favorites a year ago, for It's Wet Outside, people seemed to have no problem voicing their opinions.  Yet when I specifically and directly asked for feedback about the blog, the response was paltry in comparison.  Most recently, when I suggested that I might enjoy a pat on the back after spending a full three days making A Christmas Poem, the only response was from my close friends.

This isn't to say that I don't appreciate those responses; I most certainly do.  But if my goal were simply to connect with a small group of my close friends, I wouldn't be writing a blog.

So the point is this: I have more things that I'd love to work on than I have actual time to spend.  I'm currently trying to figure out where this blog fits into that picture, and how much of that time I should devote to it.  The response to this post will directly affect how much effort I put into the blog in the future.  Feel free to leave comments, send email (, or get in touch with me any other way you feel like.

And just to set expectations, I shoot enough where I could probably do a post every week or two.  On the other end of things, I have no problem doing four posts a year and focusing on other things I've been neglecting.

To borrow a bizarrely appropriate and somewhat ironic line from Sherlock Holmes, "I have trained myself to notice what I see."



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