Vegas: an experiment

Howdy, all.  So, my purpose for this blog is to tell stories; to provide photos with context in a way that allows y'all to connect with the subject of the photo, even if it might not be apparent from the photo alone exactly what's going on.

Over the past year or two, I've been struggling to figure out a sustainable way to do posts quickly after an event happens, with context for every photo, and without burning myself out in the process.  With these goals in mind, I came up with the following experiment:

I'll post at least one photo every day.  Each photo will have some kind of caption, and if there are multiple photos on a given day, the photos will share some common theme.  On the other hand, a single theme may persist across multiple days.

I nearly always take photos when I fly.  It's been awhile since I came up with a decent self-portrait, but I think this one turned out well.  This was SJC->LAS on a Southwest Airlines 737.



Hey, it's me! I’ve been a documentary photographer for 17 yrs, software engineer for even longer, and plenty of other things in between.