En Vacances

During the week prior to Christmas Day, L and I took a short road trip to Los Angeles.  We managed to see friends and family down in LA, as well as in the Bay Area after our return.  Here are some pictures.

(Clockwise from right) Jared, L, and Christine listen as Amanda plays the yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer) in her garage.

Patrick gives his mom an unexpected kiss after an impromptu dance practice in the kitchen.

Patrick's dad, Blas Sr., looks up into an avocado tree that he had grown from a seed.

A person sits facing the Pacific Ocean sunset.

Patrick writes a message in the sand.

Patrick helps his cousin Alisa learn a song on the guitar.

An impromptu portrait of L

"Come On!"
A child tries to compel his chaperone to keep walking.

"Attack of the Aunties"
An auntie goes for the slam dunk alley-oop after a baby bobbles a morsel of food.

Gary's wife and daughter reach for his cheeks during a meal.



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